Imagine that you’re given a set of many many keys that open many many doors. Nice gift, isn’it? But what to do with it? Well, exactly the same question applies to LinkedIn: see it as a bunch of keys. The number of doors it opens is huge, and many people will let you in, but what are the opportunities behind these doors? Is there what you are looking for or is there a step on your way to success?   You have to try and open many doors that’s OK but keep in mind the difference there is between linked in and locked in: being part of a community and not getting lost in a labyrinth.  

Ask yourself these three questions when you use LinkedIn:

  • What is my main objective? (looking for career opportunities or for talents? Learning and getting inspired? marketing/selling my services or products? creating awareness on my expertise or on my Company?)  
  • Whom do I want to have relationships and conversation with? (Your stakeholders and audience)
  • What can I offer in terms of content and what do I want to get in return?

Then will come a fourth, fondamental, question which is about the benefit that LinkedIn will get in helping me reaching my objectives. (What kind of content will the algorithm like and promote what kind it will not like?)

In the next TNT’s will give you some elements of answers 😉