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Case 1

Launching a new, highly specialized, medical practice

Conceived by a group of medical specialists with complementary skills, our client is a multidisciplinary center offering their expertise under the same roof and with the same philosophy. They treat local patients and, thanks to their high level of specialization and to their international networks, they offer second opinions at national level.

Lifency was involved in the project since the early beginning and worked together with the different stakeholders on its implementation from an economic and a communication point of view. We contributed to the writing of the complete business plan, focusing on the analysis of the way the competitive medical offer was matching the medical need at the time of launch, providing a comprehensive stakeholders’ map and a definition of the budget for the 3 upcoming years. We then drafted a communication plan and built an integrated communication platform (full website, content creation, LinkedIn page).

3 years after the project launch, we continue to support this customer with advisory services and by providing communication contents. The economic results have, since year 1, exceeded expectations and the center is looking for new professionals to join the Team.


Case 2

Marketing management of a mid-sized Biotech within a B2B context  

Launched over 10 years ago by a group of research scientists, client Y has built its success on their capacity to produce efficiently innovative and highly specific biological compounds as well as their powerful network across universities and academic centers.

During their business consolidation process, client Y, that never had a marketing team before, asked Lifency to support them in increasing brand awareness outside their established network and to ensure the promotion of newly developed products in a B2B context. 2 years ago, we wrote their first marketing plan, starting from a detailed market analysis and an evaluation of their portfolio’s market potential, defining new business objectives, the marketing strategy and tactics to be implemented.

Immediately after, Lifency was charged with the implementation of the plan and, although there was a significant slowdown during the first COVID wave, most of business objectives have been reached and our collaboration pursued.

Currently, client Y and Lifency are working jointly on the launch of a new product in a brand-new market.

Case 3

Re-positioning of a mature product in a niche market for a multi-national pharmaceutical company

Client Z is a well-established pharmaceutical company and  a world leader in its field through a large network of subsidiaries and distributors. With a vast portfolio of mature yet successful products and an exciting pipeline, client Z is extremely dynamic, very much focused on science with high investments.

Product A is the number 1 product for client Z and, driven by successful sales and marketing teams, it enjoys a market leader position in many countries. However, this has been heavily challenged by a competitor. After a quite efficient defensive phase, Lifency has been asked by client Z to support it in the repositioning of product A in this niche. Knowing that the targeted customers are not client Z core customers and that the use of product A differs significantly in this indication, Lifency has developed a new, specific, marketing Plan to be implemented on a global level and to be aligned with local sales and marketing activities.

We are thus involved in operational support to the global and local business units and are teaming up with client Z to implement the plan and reach business objectives.

Case 4

Digital presentation of new products and community engagement for a fast-growing biotech

Our client operates in the preventive medicine field and offers solutions in genetic diagnostics. They were looking for a smart and efficient solution to present their products to their global distributors and build engagement with their community. In alignment with our client’s specific products and market, Lifency implemented a series of tailormade webinars to present and showcase their products, communicate with their audience, and gather feedbacks. In addition we adviced the client on their digital communication channels (LinkedIn, YouTube and client website). Lifency managed the end-to-end process providing a turnkey solution. We designed the communication campaign around the webinar (throughout the whole process) from strategy to content development, we managed the broadcasting, and we delivered KPIs to monitor our clients target audience engagement.

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