As promised in last TNT, let’s talk about how LinkedIn is interested in giving visibility to your personal profile and to your Company page.

First of all, LinkedIn is a media and as such it offers content to an audience, making money out of it (in different ways, we’ll talk about this point in a next TNT). So for them:

1) The larger the audience, the better the performance.

It is estimated that the number of LinkedIn users has reached 760 Million in 2020, with a significant increase related to the COVID crisis. 

2)  The more time every single user spends on the media, the better the performance.

It is estimated that the average user spends 17 minutes per month on LinkedIn…

Their current challenge is not that much to increase the global number of users but rather to increase the number of paying users (i.e. premium members) AND to increase the time people spend on the media.

And for this they need to make sure that they deliver “good“ content to the “right“ audience. To say it in an easy way: A “good“content is a content that will receive “likes“, or better, that will be commented and then generate conversations between different members, a good content is a content that will raise and keep the attention of different people. This is called “engagement”.

On the other side there is an infinity of possible target audiences, segmented in many different ways (geography, language, academic background, job title, industry, company size, number of connections and/or followers) and based on your personal (or company) characteristics. Your content will be first proposed to a small sample of users (30-60 minutes after post) and then to a larger sample, which size will depend on the early results. Your content performance can be measured in the following ways:

  • Number of impressions for your post (generally impresssions vs. time is a logarithmic curve)
  • Number of new contacts or new followers it generates

So you’re in a win-win interaction with LinkedIn: the more and the better you offer in terms of content quality, the more they will give you (and/or your brand) in terms of visibility.

What you will realize as well is that the same post done from your personal profile or on your company page will perform better from your personal profile. There are several reasons for that, but the main one is that LinkedIn limits the organic reach of corporate pages to sell more advertising, that will appear under “sponsored posts“.

So, when you post, think about:

  • How your content will be liked by your target audience
  • How it may provoke comments and how you’re prepared to reply to these comments
  • The time you do it… posting at 2 am on sunday might be the right choice for a specific target audience: but is it yours? Remember that the 30-60 first minutes are the most important 
  • Choose to post from your company page if you want to do statistics (that cannot be done on a personal profile), create brand awareness or if you want to do advertising
  • If, instead you want your content to be seen quickly and by the largest number of people, choose to post it from your personal profile

Any other idea? Tell us what your experience is!