Thinking is great, doing is great too ! Thinking without doing is useless and often misleading. Doing without thinking is stagnating in the best case and extremely dangerous in the worst case. We all know that. So we shouldn’t be surprised that the same principles apply to marketing. So marketers, in healthcare or life science,  what ever the tools you think you’ll use: have a marketing plan.

It does not necessarily needs to be long and complex, actually it should rather be short and simple but don’t forget to answer the following questions :

  1.  Who are your – actual and potential – clients?
  2. How do they think, behave and decide and where can you “meet” them ?
  3. What do (will) they need and what do (will) they dream about ?
  4. Who is able to satisfy their need and fulfil their dreams ? Are you or are you far from being so ?
  5. What can you do now and what could you do better tomorrow to make them love your Company ?

This will help you define a clear strategy, set precise objectives, identify the best tactics and write a comprehensive action plan.

Then, implementing it will be like driving to an unknown place with a GPS.